Information Posters hung up on these municipal buildings (kindergartens, schools, nursing and care): Follow through on those.

This allows the municipality:

  • Schools and kindergartens are closed today. Greveløkka school day is open to children / students of parents who work with crisis management or who have children who require supervision for special reasons otherwise. At 16.00, today opens the Roll Lokken school. Tomorrow kindergarten children be foldelt five nurseries. 
    (See the bottom of the message for the practical organization of children / pupils with two schools and five kindergartens will be open.)
  • Water and Wastewater: Reports of damage to municipal roads, water and street lights can be dialed in to our Service Office at tel 62 56 30 10 which is manned. 
    Errors can also be reported via the online service 
    Damage to private property, reported a private insurance company. 
    The water supply is operating normally, the public water has good quality and can be drunk as it is retrieved deep in the lake. However, surface water (flood water) goes into the lake. 
  • Nursing monitoring the situation closely, especially considering the very sickest. Everyone in their own homes are visited. In critical situations prioritized those with the greatest / most critical needs. The institutions have now regained power. Some residents in home-based care is taken to Park Farm. Family members are encouraged to be with residents in care homes, or restore these files to their homes, if possible. 
  • Regarding fuel: Fire department urges people to be cautious heating in fireplaces that have not been used for a long time, as it may be a risk of a chimney fire. Search also shelter with neighbors / acquaintances. 
  • The municipal center evacuated in People was cold last night, but it is now acquired unit here too. The temperature is rising and we take care of the evacuees who need it. Some have found temporary shelter with relatives and friends. 
  • Medical centers and emergency services have additional emergency and is open today, although they do not have power. Ordinary, non life-threatening medical visits can be advantageously wait, when it is cold in the premises. 
  • NAV has limited hours and has created heated room for their most needy.
  • Other municipal normal operation is maintained as long as possible. 
  • Farmers are encouraged to share in the aggregates 
  • Listen to Radio - P1, check other sites that have good information on their sites: 

Road and rail:

Other useful sites:

Regarding schools and kindergartens: 
Kindergartens provide a supervisory children in Sagatun, Brattbakken, The loop Mart Odden and Ankerskogen nursery where we have heating effect from Thursday. In order to have proper conditions, we have chosen divide the day into two. The offers advantages in relation to the attached list. Link to overview nurseries.

We get up on deck Roll loop at school. 16.00 today. That means we can have supervision which the different needs for the afternoon and night. If power is lost in the morning too, we have oversight for those who need one - 4.trinn. 
Greveløkka covers: Greveløkka, Storhamar, Presterud Solvang 
Roll lid cover: Roll Lokken, Lovisenberg, Lunden, Inge Berg, Ridabu

View the distribution of the children here ....