Norwegian Language Program for Foreign Nationals

Address: Torggata 91, 2317 Hamar
Telephone: 62 56 36 80 E-mail:

Program Manager: Sverre Nes

The municipality of Hamar offers Norwegian language courses combind with and introduction to Norwegian culture at " Folkets Hus". The school is centrally located in the heart of Hamar.

Our program is primarily aimed at individuals who are legally residing in Hamar, and who are eligible for this educational benefit. However, the school is also open to offering this curriculum to other groups of individuals for a fee.

The aim of this program is to prepare and equip each learner for passing the standard national test of Norwegian Language Proficiency, and to ensure that each individual is equipped to become an integrated member of the Norwegian society.

Presently, we have almost 300 persons from more than 35 nations attending our school.

Our teaching staff is highly qualified, and has a broad range of experience in working with language training and assessment for foreign nationals.

For registration: Please contact our school by telephone or e-mail. Alternately, you may also make an appointment to speak with our registrar in person.

Placement test -  for participants who already have some Norwegian language skills - will take place at our school. Please make an appointment.