Hamar is the largest city in Hedmark county. Hamar is located on the east side of Mjøsa, Norway's biggest lake. It is only about one hours drive from Hamar to our national Airport Gardermoen, and one and a half hours drive to Norway's capital, Oslo. Hamar is serving as a centre for Hedmark county’s public administration, the various county departments and Eidsivating Court of Appeals.

The current mayor of Hamar is Einar Busterud.

Koigen- area close to Mjøsa and the city centre. Hamar city hall  The city centre

Old and new town
Hamar is not only one town, but actually two towns. One is the busy, modern, administrative and commercial centre with approx. 30.000 inhabitants. The other town, however, is partly hidden under ground at Domkirkeodden. If you want to uncover the very soul of the town, you must seek the tension between the old and the new town. The Hedmark Museum, located at Domkirkeodden is therefore an important historical landmark in Hamar. It is an out-door museum with remains of the medieval church in a protective glass housing and a collection of old farm houses.

Scenery from Domkirkeodden. Hamardomen - ruins and the modern glass and steel construcion An Open air museum - and a nice place for walks.

A lot to see and do
Today Hamar is in the process of a relatively vigorous expansion, and our aim is to be the most attractive settling area in the County. The centre of Hamar is a pedestrian walkway in the middle of the town, with library, cinema and several shops and offices. Hamar also offers a rich variety of museums, galleries, churches, and not to forget – The White Swan of Lake Mjøsa – the paddle steamer Skibladner.

You will also find great opportunities for walking and recreation all year round for all agegroups. Close to the centre you can walk along the lake Mjøsa – you will find a beautiful scenery all year around.

 The Viking ship at winter time. Ideal areas for skiing. Ankerskogen swimminghall.

A city of sports
Hamar is known for its indoor speed skating arena, the Olympia Hall, better known as Vikingskipet because of its shape. It was built to host the speed skating competitions of the 1994 Winter Olympics that were basicly held in the nearby town, Lillehammer. According to sports, our hockeyteam- Storhamar Dragons and the handballteam Storhamar - are among the best in Norway. And we hope that our football-team – Ham Kam, again will reach the top division.

Short facts:

  • Number of inhabitants: about 29.700 (in 2015)
  • Land disposal: 351 km²
  • Lowest altitude above sea level: 123m
  • Highest altitude above sea level: 925 m
  • Distance from Oslo to Hamar: 127 km
  • Distance from Oslo Airport Gardermoen to Hamar: 80 km


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